European Style Match in Pleasant Hill, NC December 10, 2016


Registration:  The sight-in area will open at 8:00 am Rifle match begins at 10:00 a.m. Club member $10 registration.  Non-club members $15 (membership has its privileges!).    Join THAGC here .

Registration page is HERE.


Remember the THAGC will be trying out an Unlimited Class.  Click here for the gear matrix.

Divisions: Open, Hunter, WFTF and the all new Unlimited Class.

Match Details,

 2 targets per lane

1 shot per sarget

25 lanes

50 shot match.

European Style Field Target Match December 10, 2016 attendees

First NameLast NameRifle (make and model)Pellet (manufacturer and weight)Scope (manufacturer, model, and power)Class (open, hunter, WFTF, Unlimited)PCP or Piston?Do you agree to read and follow THAGC safety rules?Do you agree to sign the waiver?
ScottAllenThomas Ft13.4March 80xOpenPCPI agreeI agree
ChrisCoreySteyr LG110AA 10.3March X 8-80OpenPCPI agreeI agree
CurtHathawayHW 97KJSB 10.34Hawke Sidewinder 3-12 x 50HunterPistonI agreeI agree
BrianVan LiewFX400 FTAA 10.3Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60mmOpenPCPI agreeI agree
KeithKnoblauchSteyr LG 110 FTJSB Exact 8.44 gr.Leupold 35 CompWFTFPCPI agreeI agree
EdCanolesBeeman R9CPL 7.9Center Point TAG 4-16HunterPistonI agreeI agree
PaulPorchSteyer LG110 FTAA 8.64Sightron SII FT 10-50x60WFTFPCPI agreeI agree
RaymondHawkinsBenjamin Marauder JBSZOS don't knowPCPI agreeI agree
JohnFordFX IndependenceJSB 10.3CenterPoint 4x16HunterPCPI agreeI agree
PhilipHeplerBenjamin MarauderJSB Exact Heavy 10.34 grUTG Accushot 3-12xHunterPCPI agreeI agree
Eric SmithMac1 USFTAA 10.34Sightron SIiII 10-50x60OpenPCPI agreeI agree