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First match of the year was a success. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Temps were in the 50s all day & plenty of sunshine. Mother Nature held true to the weatherman’s predictions and provided 10-15 mph winds for the entire match. The match was 18 lanes, 72 shots on the wooded Blue Course. The course specs were as follows: 
AVG KZ: 1.29
AVG Distance: 43.42 yards
SD: 5.39
Overall Troyer: 37.5 ( without wind)
We had 11 shooters show up to participate. There were 8 shooters in WFTF. We’ve added some new faces to the WFTF roster this year. Scott has switched to WFTF this year, John made his 2nd appearance at 12 fpe, & Mike made his debut in WFTF along with his brand new Steyr Challenge HFT. Mike had a hard 1st time in WFTF due to not having time to set up his rifle prior to the match. I commend him for shooting the match. Once he gets his rig set up, things will be a lot different. 
We had two shooters for Hunter PCP which included a brand new shooter to FT, Keegan Day. It’s great when someone new shows up excited about the sport but it’s even better when they leave even more excited after the match. Keegan put on an awesome display of shooting. He’s still new to his rig but still finished above 50% for his first event. It’s great getting a 22 year old to be excited about the sport. FT definitely needs more young blood to keep the sport growing. Also let’s hope Keegan has a 4-wheel drive next time he parks in the muddiest spot at the sight in range. LOL!(Keegan knows what I’m talking about)
Last but not least , we had 1 competitor in Open. The old man himself, Mr. Paul Porch. Paul made a comment before the match that this was practice for the Puerto Rico GP next month. Something about giving a spanking to someone named Manolo. This might get interesting next month. Paul channeled his inner Will Piatt & shot a blistering 64 of 72. This was high score of the match. Good shooting Paul !!!

1st: Gerald Long / Thomas FT/ Leupold Comp 45 / 53
2nd: Chris Corey/ Steyr Challenge FT/ March 8-80/ 52
2nd: Jimmy Williams/ AA MPR/ March 10-60 / 52
3rd: Knobs/ Steyr LG110/Leupold Comp 35 / 47
4th: Curt Hathaway/Steyr Challenge FT/Sightron / 44
5th: John Ford/ QB79 / Aeon 10-40/ 43
6th: Scott Allen / Anschutz 8002/Leupold Comp 45/ 37
7th: Mike Edwards / Steyr Challenge HFT/ Sightron/ 19

1st: Philip Hepler /Benjamin Marauder/ UTG 4-16 / 54
2nd: Keegan Day/Benjamin Marauder/ Aeon 3-12 / 43

1st: Paul Porch/ Thomas FT/ March 8-80/ 64

Next match will be February 2nd in Pleasant Hill