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12-22-18 TCRC match report


You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for FT. Temps were in the 50’s with plenty of sunshine. Oh yeah & plenty of wind too. Like 10 mph winds with gusts around 15 mph. It made for a very interesting, head scratching , & fun match. Four shooters showed up. Paul Porch detuned his Thomas FT down to 12 fpe, Jimmy ” The Master” Williams with his trusty MPR, & John Ford & his QB79. This was John’s first attempt at WFTF. He picked a heck of a day to give it a try with a completely new rifle/scope combo. But give him some time behind the trigger of his QB79 & John will be fine. I was the last shooter with my Steyr Challenge FT. So it was a four man WFTF event. This course was not easy & was set up to be a long course to work on wind doping. The course Troyer was a 39.8 without wind. Average distance was 44.8 yards. I went back & recalculated it today with wind & it worked out to a 48.5 T. Like I said not easy but it did exactly what it was supposed to do, challenge your wind reading skills. And boy did it. TCRC winds never seem to blow in a steady direction or speed. This, plus most of the shots being angled on the lanes, meant you had to figure the wind for each target. I was paired with Jimmy & we were tied after Lane 12. That’s when on Lanes 13 & 14 the wheels came of my wagon. I dropped 7 of the 8 shots. Jimmy took full advantage to take the lead on me. We both cleared the final lane(15). So I kinda sorta redeemed myself a little. Oh well, live & learn. All the while Paul & John were having a big time shooting a head of us. Paul even called me a nice name for the course layout. LOL!! All in good fun of course!! Anyway it was a great way to end the 2018 FT season. Looking forward to the 2019 season !!
1st Jimmy AA MPR FT/ March 10-60 HM : 41
2nd Chris Steyr Challenge FT/ March X 8-80 : 37
3rd Paul Thomas FT/ March X 8-80 : 33
4th John QB79/ Aeon 10-40 : 22