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April 5 2014 Match Report


We had a wonderful day for field target in North Carolina. Breezy conditions and temps in the mid-70’s. Chris set up a nice 60 shot course for us. We had a couple new FT shooters with Renae coming with Jimmy from down east and Don making the trip down from Virginia. Renae took top new shooter score. In talking with Don it sounds like he’s hooked and was making plans to get a .177 FT rig and keep his .22 for hunting.

Gene and I shot together and had a good time ribbing each other. Gene took home top Open score and soundly beat me. I struggled a bit with my Open piston rig with some teething problems, but a bad day shooting FT is still a pretty good day.

Ed Canoles continues his run on top of Hunter Piston class, but Joe, Rodney and Ray, all shooting their second match, are making steady progress. Ed, as always, is great and helpful to newer shooters. On the ride home back to Raleigh Ray talked about how he learns something about spring gun shooting every time he talks to Ed.

Hunter PCP was hotly contested again with ten shooters today. Will and Ammon Piatt continue to improve with every match and today there was a tie for first place between Ammon and Chris Berry. If the rifles had not been put away by the time I tabulated score I would have like to seen Chris and Ammon do a shoot-off, but it wasn’t to be. Jimmy, in only his second match, shot very well and Dr. Smith continues to improve. Lumpy, Sue and Fleming rounded out Hunter PCP.

Ben and Sara were the two juniors today and Ben posted what I think is his highest score ever.

We had a special target out past 7o yards that was not scored, but if a shooter knocked it down he or she would get a free THAGC match.  The only shooter to knock it down today was Will Piatt, and he knocked it down with both his shots!

The club continues to grow with four new members today and it’s good seeing folks like Fleming Jones return to FT after some time away from the sport. I can’t express how much I appreciate the group we have and the camaraderie and good nature of everyone involved.

Best regards,

Scott Allen


Benjamin Benjamin Marauder .177 Crosman Ultra Magnum 10.5 Optisan Viper 6X24 Hunter PCP 23 1st jr
Sarah Ruger Blackhawk 177 CPHP 7.9gr CenterPoint 4 x 16 Hunter Piston 8
Ed Beeman, R9, .177 CPL 7.9 gr 4-16 Center Point Hunter Piston 43 1st
Joe Beeman R10 .20 cal H&N FTT 11.42 gr Vortex Diamondback 12x Hunter Piston 20 2nd
Rodney Ruger Blackhawk 177 CPHP 7.9gr CenterPoint 4 x 16 Hunter Piston 18 3rd
Ray Air Arms TX200 Crosman premier 7.9 CenterPointe Hunter Piston 18
Ammon Evanix Blizzard JSBH Hawke 4-16 Sidewinder Hunter PCP 54 tie 1st
Chris Steyr lg110 .177 CPH Hawke 6-24×56 Hunter PCP 54 tie 1st
Will Evanix Blizzard JSBH Hawke 4-16 Sidewinder Hunter PCP 52 3rd
Jimmy Marauder CPH 10.5 UTG 3-12×44 Hunter PCP 38 4th
Eric AA S500 .177 JSB 8.4 Hawke 3-12×50 Hunter PCP 37
Renae Marauder CPH 10.5 UTG 3-12×44 Hunter PCP 30 highest score new shooter
Don Air Arms S200 22 caliber JSB 18.1 Hawke 2.5 X 10 Varmint Hunter PCP 26
David AA S500 .177 CPH 10.5 BSA 6-24 Hunter PCP 26
Susan Benjamin Marauder .177 Crosman Ultra Magnum 10.5 Optisan Viper 6X24 Hunter PCP 25
Fleming Daystate huntsman .177 Tasco? Hunter PCP 20
Gene TM 1000 1.77 JBS Match 10,34 Hawke 30 12X32 Open PCP 42 1st
Scott JW70 JSB 10.3 March 8-80x Open Piston 28


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