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February 7, 2015 Match Report – Mount Pleasant NC

It was an absolutely beautiful day for field target in NC today. Chris Berry set up a challenging course, 60 shots over fifteen lanes.

Prior to starting we had a review of the new AAFTA rules for 2015 and talked about club business. We had two new shooters and one of them used the loaner rifle that Will built for the club… Joseph shot a very good 29 of 60 having never shot a field target match before.

A few other highlights…..

Ben Smith, our sole junior today, continues to improve with each match.

Ed Canoles continues to shoot his R9 well but Joe Mags is coming on strong with a new rifle.

This is now the start of the third year of our club and for the first time we had two WFTF shooters… Chris Berry and Mark LaPointe both shooting new rifles.

Will Piatt moved from Hunter to Open and shot a very good score using holdover.


Hunter Piston
45 Ed Canoles R9 Optisan Viper
37 Joe Magarelli HW97KT Optisan Viper
14 David Weaver RWS 34 3×9

Hunter PCP
46 Ammon Piatt Evanix Hawk
42 Dwight MeyersTM 1000 Nikko 10-50 *
38 Flemming Jones FX Super Swift Leapers
30 Don Armstrong HM1000
27 Sue Smith Optisan Viper
13 Artie Claudino Air Force Optisan Viper

36 Ben Smith Hatsan Optisan Viper

New Shooter
29 Joseph Hart Marauder Aeon
10 Thomas Hart Marauder

52 Chris Berry AA FTP900 Nikko Diamond
33 Mark LaPointe Steyr LG110 Hawk 10-50

54 Scott Allen LG300 March 8-80
52 Will Piatt Evanix Hawk

* In tallying the scores for awards today I failed to include Dwight’s score and corrected that.



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