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March 1, 2014 Match and Fun Shoot in Mount Pleasant, NC

For our first match of the year we had fifteen shooters and about eight family and friends show up to watch and cheer the shooters on.   We had shooters from all points of the compass. We’d like to thank Joe for driving up from Conway SC and Jimmy for coming all the way from Burgaw NC.  Sue and Skip came in from WV.  Will came from Ennis, NC.

The weather started out in the low 30’s with freezing rain that cleared by the time the match started at 10:30.  The high got up to around 50 degrees by the time we were done.

Chris set up a course with fifteen lanes and two targets per lane.  This time of year there are no leaves n the trees which normally shelter the lanes, and the slight breeze impacted the longer shots a bit.

Lane 15 had a special treat with a third target out at 75 yards.   If a shooter knocked down the 75 yard target he or she would win a free THAGC match later this year.  Chris, Rodney and Scott knocked it down.

We had several new FT shooters and they all said they had a great time.   For the new shooters we included faceplate hits in the scoring.  The awards for the best new FT shooters went to Jimmy  and Sarah.

Most everyone went to a local diner for a late lunch before heading home.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great time and for Chris for once again letting us shoot on his property.

Scott Allen

knock faceplates/
Hunter – PCP downs knockdowns
Chris Berry Steyr LG110 .177 CPH 10.5 Hawke 6-24×56 51
Ammon Piatt Benjamin Marauder .177 46
William Piatt Evanix Blizzard .177 JSB 10.5 Hawke 4-12 44
Eric Smith Air Arms S500 .177 JSB Exact 8.4 Hawke 3-12×50 33
James Fussell Marauder .177 CPH 10.5 gr UTG 3-12×44 29 58
Spence Allen Walther LG300 .177 JSB 10.3 Hawke 6-24 26
Sue Tenney Dayste Regal .177 25
Susan Smith Marauder .177 Crosman 10.5 Leapers 3X9 13
Hunter – Piston
Ed Canoles Beeman R9 .177 Crosman Premier 7.9 Vortex Diamondback AO BDC 4-12x 44
Mike Johnson AA Prosport .177 JSB Exact Hawke 12x 18 54
Joe Magarelli Beeman R10 .20 cal JSB Exact Diabolo 13.73 Vortex Diamondback 4-12 9 48
Rodney Allen Ruger blackhawk 177 crossman hollow point center point  4×16 4 43
Open PCP
Scott Allen RAW TM1000 .177 JSB 10.3 March 8-80 38
Skip Tenney Daystate Panther JSB 10.3 Nikko 10-50 33
Junior – Hunter PCP/Piston
Benjamin Smith Benjamin Marauder .177 Crosman 10.5 Leapers 3X9 16 52
Sarah Allen Ruger blackhawk 177 crossman hollow point center point  4×16 13 52
75 yard Target
Rodney (free match)
Chris (free match given to Ben)
Scott (free match given to Sarah)
Highest score new FT shooter – James Fussell
Highest Score new JR FT – Sarah Allen


A huge thanks to Fleming for taking and mailing us these photos!


SAM_0419 SAM_0420 SAM_0421 SAM_0422 SAM_0424 SAM_0427 SAM_0436 SAM_0437 SAM_0438 SAM_0444 SAM_0446 SAM_0448 SAM_0449 SAM_0450 SAM_0454 SAM_0455 SAM_0456 SAM_0468 SAM_0471 SAM_0473 SAM_0475 SAM_0445 SAM_0457 SAM_0464 SAM_0472 SAM_0477 SAM_0478 SAM_0481 SAM_0482 SAM_0488 SAM_0490 SAM_0491 SAM_0492 SAM_0493 SAM_0494 SAM_0495 SAM_0496 SAM_0497 SAM_0499 SAM_0500 SAM_0501 SAM_0502 SAM_0503 SAM_0504 SAM_0505 SAM_0506 SAM_0507 SAM_0511 SAM_0512