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March 14, 2015 Field Target Match and Fun Shoot – Match Report

Chris Berry set up a challenging course, 60 shots over fifteen lanes.  It was a wet and muddy day with drizzle and mist in the morning and clearing by the end of the match.  It was so bad that several had to have help pushing their cars out of the mud.   FT is an outdoor sport, with all that brings with it.

We welcomed three new FT shooters today, Chris, Nick and Paul.  All three seemed to have a good time and Chris Corey had a stellar day, bringing his Steyr and shooting a 52 in Open which was match high score.  Us Open shooters better watch out for Chris!

We welcomed David Day who joined us after moving down to North Carolina last year.   It was great to talk to David about FT and his club’s experience hosting the nationals.  He’s going to be shooting in the nationals and hopefully he will be back to club events.

A big thanks to David Weaver.  David had some tee shirts made up and donated them to the club.   In addition to the usual paper awards tee shirts went out to the top scorers.

Ben Smith, our sole junior today, continues to improve with each match.

Ed Canoles continues to shoot his R9 well.  Getting very close today to the top PCP scores.   Joe Mags is coming on strong, loving his new HW97.

Ammon took top honors in Hunter PCP. Jimmy and Eric tied for second. It was so late we didn’t have a shoot off but someone did suggest mud wrestling; they declined and each took a tee shirt.

In Open, Chris Corey shot the high score and David Day and Will tied for second. Alas, no shoot off or mud wrestling. Maybe next time.

Mark and I shot together.  He had to leave rainy North Carolina to head to San Diego.   For his second FT match he was shooting very well, clearing several lanes and getting 3/4 on the standing lane.  I was chasing POI issues all morning after making some changes to the moderator on my rifle after the last match.  After Mark left to catch his flight I couldn’t muster the patience keep fighting my rifle to finish the match so I decided to do something productive and  walked around and talked with the other shooters and distracted them as they were trying to finish the match.

There was discussion of a few changes for next match…. we will be using timers to get shooters used to that aspect of it.  Look for a different layout of the targets. Also Joe is going to handle the shooters meeting, squadding and awards for the next match.

Turnout, especially with the weather, was strong with 19 shooters:


First Name Last Name Rifle Scope Division Class Result
Mark LaPointe Styer Hawke 10-50×56 WFTF PCP DNF
Scott Allen Walther LG300 March 8-80x Open PCP DNF
Ed Canoles Beeman R9 Optisan Viper 3-12x Hunter Piston 47 1st Hunter Pistion
Chris Berry Air Arms FTP900 Nikko 10-50×60 diamond WFTF PCP 49 1st WFTF
Joseph Magarelli Weihrauch HW97KT Optisan Viper 3-12×44 Hunter Piston 42 2nd Hunter Piston
Nick Baxter RWS 34 UTG 4-16×44 Hunter Piston 41 FP
Will Piatt Evanix Rainstorm Hawke 8-32 Open PCP 50 tie 2nd Open
David Weaver RWS 34 3×9 Hunter Piston 45 FP
Jimmy Fussell Air Arms S500 MTC Mamba Lite 4-16X44 Hunter PCP 44 tie 2nd Hunter PCP
Paul Porch Daystate MK4 IS MTC 5-20×50 Hunter PCP 37
John Ford FX Independence Nikko Nighteater 4-16x Hunter PCP 36
Chris Corey Steyr LG110 March X 8-80 Open PCP 52 1st Open
Eric Smith Air Arms S500 Hawke sidewinder 3-12×50 Hunter PCP 44 tie 2nd Hunter PCP
Susan Smith Hatsan AT-44 Optisan Mamba Lite 3-12 Hunter PCP 22
Ben Smith Hatsan AT-44 Optisan Viper 6-24 Hunter PCP 27 1st junior
David Day Theoben MFR Nikko 50X Open PCP 50 tie 2nd Open
Don Armstrong RAW HM1000 Aeon 8-32X50 Hunter PCP 38
Rodney Allen Ruger UTG Hunter Piston no score
Ammon Piatt Evanix Rainstorm Hawke Hunter PCP 49 1st Hunter PCP
FP = faceplates


314153 314152