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Match Results July 11, 2015

07/11/15 The Tarheel Airgun Club held its 60 shot July field target match today in Mt. Pleasant NC. Winds remained lite and the temperature reached the upper 80’s by the conclusion of the match. All lanes remained shaded.  The Tarheel Airgun Club welcomed one new shooter today Ray J. who shot a very impressive 35. Congrats! Chris B.’s new Styer  had all the kinks worked out and shot a 50 in WFTF division. The clubs most popular division Hunter, had several shooters in the 40 to 50 point range. Will P. had the highest overall score with 52 points. At the conclusion of the match several members met for lunch at Buddy’s restaurant. Congrats to all who participated and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next match in August….Mark 





Hunter PCP
Art C. Air Force and Optisan Viper 33
Nick C. 36
Don A. 39
Paul P. Daysate Mark 4 and MTC Genesis 47
Rodney A. Discovery and Center Point 46
Sue S. Airforce Condor and Optisan 39 
Ammon P. Evanix and Hawk Sidewinder 50
Hunter Springer
Joe M. HW97 and Optisan Viper  26
Mike F. HW97 and Hawk Sidewinder 41
Ray J. 35
Ed C.   R9 and Optisan Viper  41
Grant B.  Diana 48 and Leapers 3-12    20
Chris C.   LG110 and March 8-80  38
Will P.   LG110 and Nikko 10-50  52
Chris B.   LG110 and Sighton 10-50FT  50
Mark L. LG100 and  Hawk 8-32  44