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May 5, June 14, August 23, September 13, October 18 – 2014 Match Reports and Photos


May 5, 2014 – Mount Pleasant


The weather was great yesterday. At times there was some gusty wind. We had 11 shooters show up for what might be the last match on Chris’ property in Mount Pleasant with his pending move to Wake County.

The lanes were perfect and in some of them the shade created a few ranging problems.

Of note is that Ben Smith shot his best score ever and the highest score ever of any junior in a THAGC match and took second place in Hunter PCP. Paul Magwene, in his first FT match, did great knocking down 17.

We briefly considered having Renae and Jimmy shoot off to break their tie but thought better of it knowing they already had a long drive back home ahead of them!
60 shots on 15 lanes:

Hunter PCP

51 Chris Berry Steyr LG110 Hawke 6-24×56
35 Ben Smith Marauder Optisan Viper
32 Don Armstrong Marauder Hawke 4.5-14
31 Sue Smith Marauder Optisan Viper
29 Renae Fussell M-Rod UTG 3-12×44
29 Jimmy Fussell M-Rod UTG 3-12X44
24 Flemming Jones S200 leapers 4-16×56
Hunter Piston:

38 Ed Canoles R9 Vortex
21 Joe Magarelli R10 Vortex Diamondback
17 Paul Magwene R9 Bushnell 5-15

Open PCP:
54 Scott Allen Walther LG300xt March 8-80

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June 14,  2014 – Mount Pleasant

We had twelve shooters and a very active hunter class on Saturday with only one shooting in open. Weather was nice, mid-80’s and humid. Range finding was difficult at times due to the lanes and the sunlight shooting stations.

The highlight of the day was a shoot-off between Will and Charles, who both had a 51/60. We set a knock-down target at 50 yards and they took turns shooting from a standing position. On Charles fifth shot he knocked it down and Will hit the faceplate on his last shot.

Three shooters joined us for the first time today, Gerald, George and Charles. George shot very well with one of Will Piatts custom Evanix Rainstorms. Gerald Long did well with his Falcon, and Charles hit the ground running and cleared bot the standing and kneeling lanes with his. LG100. Chris took third in Hunter with a 49/60.

Joe had his highest score ever shooting the only springer on the lanes yesterday, and David shot Chris’s backup Air Arms for his best score ever. Artie was back with us after being away a few matches and Don has become a regular, driving down from Virginia. Ben and Sue continue to shoot consistently. David ended up shooting with Chriss Air Arms and posted his highest score ever.

A special note of thanks to Chris for setting up the lanes and even putting some high-angle targets in the trees. J
15 lanes/60 shots


51 Charles Armentraught LG100 Sightron (winner by shoot off))
51 Will Piatt Evanix Rainstorm Leupold 5-15
49 Chris LG110 Hawke Sidewinder
46 Gerald Long Falcon FN19 Vortex 4-12
41 Don Armstrong Marauder Hawke
40 David Clark AA S500 Hawke
40 George Evanix Rainstorm
37 Artie C. Webley Raider Leapers 3-12
36 Joe Magarelli R10 Vortex Diamondback (piston)
29 Sue Smith Marauder Optisan Viper
24 Ben Smith Marauder Optisan Viper (junior)


53 Scott Allen Walther LG300 March 8-80



IMG_0577_zps64dda56a IMG_0578_zps16e35623 IMG_0581_zps546f8b1e IMG_0584_zps8ac1f57c IMG_0588_zps6936c14f IMG_0589_zpsc404774c IMG_0591_zps50792213 IMG_0594_zps49b79b32 IMG_0600_zps4656a5a8 IMG_0593_zps0d2efc2c








































8/23/14 Saddle Mountain Showdown – Ennice NC


On Saturday 8/23/2014 THAG held its first match at Will Piatt’s property off the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC. Will an his wife own 65 acres near Saddle Mountain and graciously invited everyone to come and shoot. He set up a 60 shot course over fifteen lanes. (Will actually prepared 23 lanes but only set targets on 15)

Terrain features included 9 lanes in woods horizontal, with flat, up and down lanes and 6 lanes in open fields. Will set the open field shots up over three different rolling fields so that the direction of the shots was different in each and the hold-off with the variable winds were challenging.

The day of shooting was capped off by an exciting shoot off between Will and Chris for first place in Hunter. We welcomed two new shooters to THAGC today, Larry who was shooting his first match ever, and John who last competed in field target in the early 90’s.

Thanks to Larry miller for the photos I’ve attached.

Best regards,

Scott Allen

Course 60 shots/15 lanes
Hunter (PCP/Piston)

54 Chris Berry TM1000 Nikko 10-50×60 (winner by shoot off)
54 Will Paitt Evanix Blizzard Hawke Sidewinder
53 Ammon Piatt Evanix Blizzard Hawke Sidewinder
50 John Ford FX Independence Nikko Nighteater
46 Bob Felton Daystate Panther Nikko Sterling
44 Don Armstrong Marauder Hawke 4.5-14×42
42 David Clark AA S500 BSA 12x
36 Sue Smith Hatsan AT-44 Optisan Viper
29 Sue Tenny Daystate Air Wolf Aeon 4-16
21 Ben Smith Hatsan AT-44 Optisan Viper (JUNIOR)
17 Art Claudino Hatsan Optisan 3-12X44
15 Joe Magarelli Beeman R10 Vortex Diamondback 4-12 (Piston)
11 George Adams Evanix RS Burris


52 Scott Allen AA FTP900 March 8-80
39 Larry Miller AA S200 Viper 3-12×44
35 Skip Tenny Steyer LG110FT Aeon 10-40
Tar Heel Airgun Club


Lm1 LM2 LM3 LM4 LM5 LM6 LM7 LM8 LM9 Lm10 LM11 LM12











































September 13, North Carolina State Championships – Mount Pleasant NC

The NC State Match was held 9/13 in Mount Pleasant, NC. 10 Shooters including one from Virginia and one from South Carolina braved the rain to get here but once everyone arrived the rain held off and we were treated to a very difficult course laid out by Chris Berry.

Chris shot well and Will was doing well until equipment problems near the end of the match. Mark enjoyed his first FT match and seemed to enjoy himself. Ed was testing out a new scope and I think the jury is still out on if he likes it. Ben continues to improve and was our only junior. John came down from Virginia for his second match with us and he’ shooting his .22 FX Indy very well from a bucket.

After the match we enjoyed lunch and kidding around, so all in all a great day.

Scores as follows:

60 Shot Course

51 Chris Berry TM1000 Nikko Target master 10-50 1st Hunter
50 John Ford FX Indy Nikko Nighteater 1st Hunter (Bucket)
46 Will Piatt Evanix Blizzard Hawke 3-12 Hunter
46 Scott Allen AA FTP900 March 8-80 Open PCP
36 Ed Canoles R9 Aeon 3-12 1st Hunter Piston
35 Ben Smith Hatsan Optisan Viper 1st Jr Hunter
34 Sue Smith Hatsan Optisan Viper Hunter
26 David Clark AAS500 Leapers 3-12 Hunter
18 Joe M R10 Diamonback Hunter Piston
7 Mark LaPointe Marauder Hunter PCP (new FT Shooter)\



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October 18, 2014 North Carolina Air Gun Show FT match


It was  great day at the field target shoot at the Hickory Fairgrounds (where the North Carolina Air Gun Show was being held).    The Tar Heel Air Gun Club was hosted the event.

We started setting up at 7am and were finished by 8:30.  We had 10 lanes and 3 targets per lane, and the shooters who came out and braved the very windy conditions on a completely open course.

We had seven new shooters join us, and for those shooters we added in the faceplate hits.  With a raw score of 28 and a score with faceplates of 57 Thomas Murray took home honors as the top new shooter as well as 2nd in Hunter Piston for his raw score.   With a great performance, Joseph Hass, a junior, scored 27 and with faceplates a 49.


Will Piatt Hunter Evanix Hawke 49
Jimmy Fussell S500 Mamba 4-16  42
Don Armstrong Hunter AAS200 Hawke Varmint 39
Eric Smith Hunter AA S500/Hawke 35
Sue and Ben Smith Hunter Hatsan AT44 Optisan  23
Kenny Hamilton Benjamin Marauder Centerpont 23 (54 with faceplates)
Spike Bachman Hunter Hatsan Dominator UTG 8 (34 with faceplates added)

Hunter Piston

Ed Canoles R9 Aeon 3-12 43
Thomas Murray Hunter Piston HW97 28 (with faceplates 57)
Joe Mags Hunter Piston Beeman R10 Diamondback 24
David Weaver Hunter Piston R34 12 (42 with faceplates)
Cyrus Yunker Hunter Piston Crosman 3100 (open sights)  (26 with face plates added) 5 (25 with faceplates added)


Scott Allen  Open Steyr LG110 March 8-80 49
Chris Berry Open TM1000 Nikko 10-50×60 46
Allen Maddix Open (bump from WFTF) Parker-Hale Dragon Tasco Custom Shop 80-40 26


Jessie Ricks Gamo Centerpoint (Junior) 5 (25 with faceplates added)
Joseph Hass Hunter Hatsan 1000x Simmons 27 (49 with face plates added)

New Shooters

Thomas Murray Hunter Piston HW97 28 (with faceplates 57)
Kenny Hamilton Benjamin Marauder Centerpont 23 (54 with faceplates)
David Weaver Hunter Piston R34 12 (42 with faceplates)

Spike Bachman Hunter Hatsan Dominator UTG 8 (34 with faceplates added)

Cyrus Yunker Hunter Piston Crosman 3100 (open sights)  (26 with face plates added) 5 (25 with faceplates added)

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day with setup and taking down the course, and we hope to see all the new shooters again.




IMG_2034 IMG_2040 IMG_2044 IMG_2043 IMG_2042 IMG_2039 IMG_2038 IMG_2037 IMG_2036 IMG_2035 IMG_2033 IMG_2032