2017 THAGC – Join or Renew your membership

Please join or renew your memebrship in the Tar Heel Air Gun Club by going here.

We appreciate your continued support of THAGC and look forward to 2017!

Registered members for 2017

Keith Knobloch

Mark W.

Paul Porch

Eric Smith

Ron Birnbaum

Mike LiCause

Ammon Piatt

Richard Smith

Don Armstrong

Tony McDaniel

Tony Aldridge

Anthony Cooper

Timothy Mark LaPointe

Ben Smith

Susan Smith

Philip Hepler

John Ford

Joe Magarelli

Raymond Hawkins

Artie Claudino

Gerald Long

Kevin R Kunkle

Jimmy Fussell

Ted Hubert

Curt Hathaway

Will Piatt

Chris Corey

Kevin Grimes

Mike Norris

Logan Finchum

Michael Finchum

Tom Conroy

Scott Allen

Chris Berry

Ed Canoles

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