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6-6-18 Ennice NC Match Report

We had 14 shooters attend Saturdays shoot. The weather was perfect in the Blue Ridge starting in the 60’s and rising to about 80* by the end of the match, about 10* cooler than the “flatlanders” down the mountain. Thanks to a front pushing through humidity was a little lower too.  Wind was 0-5 mph. The 60 shot course included an optional “bonus” third target on lane 11 that if the shooter gambled on hitting its illegally small KZ at 40ish yds they would be rewarded with 2 points, so  if a shooter knocked down the bonus target twice a total score of 62 was possible. Judging by the peppered faceplate on the bonus target a lot of shooters tried for those extra points. The 240* directional course included steep downhill shots, tree targets, dark woods and open field targets to challenge our skills. We had no target malfunctions. In addition to the usual crowd we welcomed Will Long to his first ever FT match, shooting an outstanding 45 in Hunter Class with a loaner marauder. After the match we enjoyed socializing and chowed down on Ginger’s Shepherds Pie, home made rolls, with Eclair Pie for dessert. Most folks probably ate too much, I know I did. 

Will Piatt