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8-11-18 Match report

The THAGC August match is officially in the record books. Mother Nature cooperated with us early in the match by having cloudy skies which kept the temperature & humidity down. But that didn’t last for long. Later in the match the sun was out with rising temps & humidity. We had 16 shooters show up today. The long-distance award goes to Joe Garland, his wife Laura & daughter Emma, who drove 6 hours from Tennessee. Emma was also our youngest shooter of the day at 13. Joe became our newest member of THAGC when he joined the club at the match. We also had a first-time shooter, Dave Walkup. He came down with Mike Edwards to try his hand at Field target. Dave used our club loaner rifle & did very well with it. Mike Finchum, a long time THAGC member decided to come over to the dark side for the first time. Mike hung up his trusty HW97 in favor of an Air Arms EV2 that he has recently acquired.
The course was set up to be challenging but still a very “shootable course” for lack of better terminology. The Troyer was 34.55 with a SD of 5.58. The winds were light and variable. But as always, the winds down in the gully proved difficult to figure out. At least for us 12 fpe shooters!! LOL!! 
The match went smoothly. We did have one issue with a target that wouldn’t go down when shot by 12 fpe guns. The high-power guys had no issues. What bothered me about this was that I checked all the targets with a target checker. The target performed flawlessly until the match. Go figure. Unfortunately, we had three shooters to post DNFs. Louis Loria who was debuting his HW97K in WFTF Piston had issues right off the bat on the sight in range & was unable to compete. Paul Porch withdrew from the match after blowing two transfer port O-rings out of his Steyr. During the match Ron Birnbaum’s elevation tape came loose & his clicks got screwed up.
Even with the heat & humidity it was a great day of FT. Now it’s time to finish getting ready for the Nationals on October 5-7. Hope to see everybody in October !!!

Hunter PCP John Ford FX Independence Tac Vector 4-16 JSB 10.3 51
Hunter PCP Miguel Sanchez Steyr Challenge HFT Hawke 8-32 JSB 10.3 50
Hunter PCP Philip Hepler Benjamin Marauder UTG 4-16 JSB 13.4 46
Hunter PCP Joe Garland FX Streamline Athlon 2.5-15 H&N 10.65 41
Hunter PCP Mike Finchum Air Arms EV2 Optisan Viper 4-16 AA 8.4 36
Hunter PCP Mike Edwards Steyr LG110 Hawke 8-32 AA 10.3 34
Hunter PCP Dave Walkup Air Arms S500 UTG 3-12 AA 10.3 27
Hunter PCP Emma Johnson Hatsan Gladius Leapers 4-16 JSB 11.75 16

WFTF PCP Chris Corey Steyr Challenge FT March X 8-80 AA 8.4 51
WFTF PCP Gerald Long Steyr LG110 Leupold Comp 35X AA 8.4 47
WFTF PCP Mark LaPointe Steyr LG110 Sightron SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 33
WFTF PCP Curt Hathaway Steyr Challenge FT Sightron SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 31

WFTF PISTON Ron Birnbaum Walther LGU Sightron SIII 10-50 AA 8.4 DNF
WFTF PISTON Louis Loria HW 97K Hawke 10-50 JSB 8.4 DNF

OPEN Scott Allen Thomas FT March X 8-80 JSB 13.4 43
OPEN Paul Porch Steyr LG110 Sightron SIII 10-50 AA 10.3 DNF