1/13/18 work day recap

A big thanks to all who showed up to help prepare the site for the nationals.  Many trees were cut and paths were made and widened.

1. Keith
2. Paul
3. John
4. Philip
5. Ron
6. Curt
7. Mark
8. Joe
9. Louis

10. Chris


THAGC Mailing List Update

THAGC now operates two mailing lists.  One for everyone who wishes to sign up (the general list) and one for club members only.

What’s the difference?

  • Individuals on the general mailing list will receive occasional updates on upcoming shoots, results, and FT matters.

  • The official club mailing list will exist for club business and issues that the registered member need to be updated on if an issue needs to be voted on.


1/13/18 – Pleasant Hill, NC – Work Day For Nationals

We had originally planned a shoot for 1/13 but we need to clear a path between the wooded course and the other course.  If we can nock this out this winter it will be a great benefit to getting us ready for the Nats in October. 

Please come out and help the cause. 
Please bring you chainsaws, leaf blowers, shovels, etc.
Email scott@thagc.com if you can come help.
So far we have: