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March Club Shoot (Mar 25th – Mount Pleasant)

Date: March 25th, 2017.

Registration:  The registration and sight-in area will open at 7:30 a.m. Pistol shoot will begin 8:30 a.m. The Field Target Rifle Match begins at 10:00 a.m. 15 lanes 4 shots per lane (timers will be used). 

$10 registration.  Non-club members $15 (membership has its privileges!).

Register HERE.

Why pre-register?  It helps us be more efficient on the morning of the match and it helps us know how to contact you if there is a weather-related issue that forces us to postpone the event.  If you register and can’t come that’s fine… just send an email to  If you paid via paypal and can’t come we can refund your registration or you can apply it to a future match.

Location: Alish Trail, Mount Pleasant NC

Remember the THAGC will be trying out an Unlimited Class.  Click here for the gear matrix.

Rules:   The American Field Target Association rules will be followed for Open, Hunter and WFTF. We will shoot AAFTA Rules with this match. The 2017 rules are here.

Remember the THAGC hast an Unlimited Class.  Click here for the link to the gear matrix for anyone who has not seen it yet.

Divisions: Open, Hunter, WFTF and the Unlimited Class.

Match Details,

Rifle and/or Pistol

2 targets per lane

2 shot per sarget

15 lanes

60 shot match.

March Club Shoot (Mar 25th - Mount Pleasant) attendees

First NameLast NameRifle (make and model)Scope (manufacturer, model, and power)Class (Open, Hunter, WFTF, Unlimited)PCP or Piston?
Attendees: 1
CurtHathawayHW 97Hawke Sidewinder 3-12 x 50HunterPiston
Attendees: 1
ScottAllenThomas FTMarch 80OpenPCP
Attendees: 1
RaymondHawkinsBenjamin Marauder Hawke 8-32HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
ChrisBerryThomas ftSightron 10-50x60OpenPiston
Attendees: 2
MichaelFinchumHW97Optisan Viper 3X12HunterPiston
Attendees: 1
ChrisCoreySteyr LG110March X 8-80OpenPCP
Attendees: 1
EdCanolesHW95Hawke Airmax 4-12HunterPiston
Attendees: 1
WillPiattSteyr LG110Sightron 1050FTOpenPCP
Attendees: 1
ChipHunnicuttBenjamin MarauderLeupold VX-37UT84JPCP
Attendees: 1
RonBirnbaumWalther LGVUTG 3-12HunterPiston
Attendees: 1
EricSmithMac1 USFTSightron 10-50x60OpenPCP
Attendees: 2
PhilipHeplerBenjamin MarauderUTG Accushot 3-12HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
TimFahningBenjamin Marauder (club gun)Center Point 4-12HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
MichaelJohnsonWebley RaiderSightron SIH412x40FTMD 4-12xHunterPCP
Attendees: 1
PaulPorchSteyer LG 110 FTSightron SIII 10-50x60OpenPCP
Attendees: 1
DavidClarkAir Arms FTP 900Hawke 8-32HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
JohnFordFX IndependenceCenter Point 4-16HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
DonArmstrongRAW HM1000Leupold 35X Comp.OpenPCP
Attendees: 1
Attendees: 1
noahpiattCustom PiattHawkeHunterPCP
Attendees: 1
SusanSmithHatsan AT-44WOptisan Mamba 4-16HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
BenSmithHatsan AT-QEOptisan Viper 6-24HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
ArtieClaudinoHstsan at54AZTEC 4.5-25X50HunterPCP
Attendees: 1
GeraldLongSteyr LG110Sightron SIII 10-50WFTFPCP
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Hosted By Tar Heel Airgun Club (THAGC)
202 Maple Street
Woodland NC 27897
252 536 8257
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