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The Field Target Discipline

Precision Air Rifle Marksmanship

A Typical Match Course

Competitors shoot in squads on a course made up of several lanes.





Two or three targets are placed

on lanes out to 55 yards.














One point is scored when the shooter hits

the circular strike zone in the metallic silhouette.



Mastering the mental aspect of shooting takes you to the top level of your skill set.

The shooting sports require concentration and mental discipline. Field Target is no differeent. The focus  calms the mind and relaxes the body, even in practice sessions. It’s a great way to put your daily stressors in a shoebox and stash them away for a time.

Air Rifles make it much easier and safer  to practice. No need to make a long drive to a range as many shooters unwind by practicing at home. Try that with a firearm! 



Mastering the art of wind shooting is the mid level of the field target craft.  This skill set is one part math and nine parts alchemy. Shooters  feel wind currents, read the movement of vegetation, and observe mirage (air heat patterns) visible in the rifle scope.

There are no wind flags on a field target course. You must learn what’s needed in open and wooded conditions and understand the effect that target distance has on pellet drift.


Basic Field Target skill sets are target rangefinding, understanding the ballistic drop of your pellet, fitting your rifle to your body, and building your sitting, kneeling, and standing shooting positions.

Rangefinding is done with the riflescope, ballistic trajectories can be determined in the field or with software, and basic ergonomics of shooting are learned through practice. These skills are the first learned by beginners and are mostly technical.

……..and we always find time for fun!   

How Can I Compete?

Four Participation Levels

Local: Participate in one day matches at nearby clubs.

Regional: Take part in multi-day Grand Prix matches in different states.

National: We get together every year for a national match!

International: The World Field Target Competiton is open to qualifying Team USA shooters (WFTF Division Only) in a different county annually.

 Comprehensive WFTF Rules

Three Divisions




  Harnesses Allowed



Harnesses Prohibited  

Two Classes

You may shoot either of the following classes in any division.

Precharged Pneumatic (PCP): Pellet propelled through compressed air.

Springer: Pellet propelled by air compressed by a spring released during the firing cycle.