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July 2017 THAGC match in Pleasant Hill, NC

The Tarheel Airgun Club’s July match is in the record books. We had to make a location change for the match at the last minute from Raleigh to Pleasant Hill, luckily, we still had a nice turn out. We had eight shooters show up. Of course, everyone was watching the weather. On Friday, we had torrential downpours & thunder storms along with over five inches of rain. The weather gods gave us a break today. It was in the low 70’s & cloudy. We did have light showers during most of the match but the wood’s canopy kept us nice & dry. When I first got to Twin City Rifle Club in the morning, there wasn’t any wind blowing. This was my second match shooting in WFT. My first match was two weeks ago with the Airgunning Atlanta crew. Ken & Rob set up an excellent course but there was little to no wind that day. So today I was hoping for some wind, so I could get some experience shooting at 12 fpe. Well the wind gods heard my cry. We had variable winds during the entire match. The course at TCRC has some very interesting wind patterns that will leave you scratching your head. And there were some tricky winds today for sure. But that’s what makes it fun. The course was 15 lanes with a total of 60 shots. The Troyer rating was 33.8 with an SD of 6.75. Factoring in the wind raised the Troyer to a 41.53.

We had three shooters in WFT today. Keith “Knobs” K. took top honors. Knobs shot a 52/60. He was also high score for the match. Mark LaPointe finished with a 40/60. Mark has had a leak issue with his Steyr & had recently taken the rifle apart to fix the leak. He was still tweaking in his scope today. I tied with Mark with a 40/60. All I will say is there’s a big difference in hold offs in WFT than Open. Yes, I have a big learning curve coming. But it sure does feel good when you do make the right wind call.

Paul Porch was our lone Open shooter. Paul finished with a great 51/60. He was shooting his trusty Steyr without the AZ shroud today. His Steyr wasn’t mouse fart quiet today by a long shot!! LOL!!

We had three Hunter class shooters today. Two were shooting piston guns & one was shooting a PCP. Ed Canoles took top honors with a 34/60. Great job Ed!! Artie Claudino took 2nd with a 23/60. Artie is still sorting out his beautiful Daystate Tsar. Ron Birnbaum, our brother from Virginia came down from Richmond and was right behind Artie with a 20/60.

We had one shooter in Unlimited today. It was Sue Smith. She brought out here FX Streamline with a MTC Viper 5-30 scope. Sue shot this same combo last month at TCRC. She didn’t even have a sidewheel on the scope and was guestimating the ranges. She still finished over 50% at last month’s match. That was impressive!!! Well today Sue had her sidewheel set up and shot her best score ever. She finished with a 48/60. A big congratulations to Sue for some awesome shooting. I told her she needs to move on over to Open & give it a try.
1. Keith K.: Steyr LG110 /Leupold Comp 35/ JSB 8.4 / 52 of 60
2. Mark Lapointe: Steyr LG110/ Sightron 10-50/JSB 8.4 / 40 of 60
3. Chris Corey: Steyr Challenge/ Kahles k1050i FT/AA 8.4 / 40 of 60

1. Paul Porch: Steyr LG110/ Sightron 10-50/ JSB 10.3/ 51 of 60

1. Ed Canoles: HW95/ Hawke 4-12/CPL 7.9/ 34 of 60
2. Artie Claudino: Daystate Tsar/ ???/???/ 23 of 60
3. Ron Birnbaum: Walther LGV/ UTG 3-12/ JSB 8.4/ 20 of 60

1. Sue Smith: FX Streamline/MTC Viper 5-30/H&N Barracuda 10.65/ 48 of 60