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November 2, 2013 Mount Pleasant

It was a beautiful day in Mount Pleasant, NC. Sunny, with highs near 70 and winds around 5 to 7 mph. We had eleven shooters turn out, three of which had never been to a Tar Heel match. The course was 60 shots.

We set up from 8:30 to 9am and after about an hour of practicing and catching up with folks, we started the match. The Hunter PCP class had the most competition today, with first and second decided by a single shot, and Chris Berry taking home the first place award with Will Piatt in second. Ed Canoles took top honors in Hunter piston, and Spence Allen took top junior while Ben and Sue Smith shared top honors for novice class.
Chris Berry LG-110 Hawke 6-24 49
Will Piatt Evanix Rainstorm Hawke 4-12 48
Ammon Piatt Maurader Hawke 40
Spence Allen (Jr) S410 Hawke 6-24 26
Artie Claudino Hatsan Leapers 3-12 16
Sue Smith (nov) Discovery Umarex 6
Ben Smith (Jr) (nov) Discovery Airforce 4

Hunter piston
Ed Canoles R9 Vortex Diamondback 42
Dwight Myers TX200 Hawke 4-16 17
Ray Lacroix TX 200 Centerpoint 7

Scott Allen Walther LG300 49
Raw Scores:

Scott Allen (Open) 49
Chris Berry (Hunter) 49
Will Piatt (Hunter) 48
Ed Canoles (Hunter piston) 42
Ammon Piatt (Hunter) 40
Spence Allen (Hunter junior) 26
Dwight Myers (hunter piston) 17
Artie Claudino (Hunter) 16
Ray Lacroix (Hunter piston) 7
Sue Smith (Hunter nov) 6
Ben Smith (Hunter jr. nov) 4