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Tar Heel Air Gun Club

Home of the 2018 US Field Target Nationals














Who are the Tar Heels?

A:  Field Target Marksmen

The Tar Heels come from all walks of life. Our shooters range from those with no previous shooting experience to lifelong competitors. We open our matches to anyone with an interest in the sport. Non- members are welcome and can be provided with loaner air rifles.

We have top ranked shooters across all three of the major field target divisions who are ready to answer  your questions.

What’s Field Target?

A: An Outdoor Air Rifle Challenge.

Similar to 3D Archery. Hit zones are placed from 10-55 yards at unknown distances.

You may participate on the Local, Regional, National, and International levels.

Proficient competitors understand their rifle, optics, ballistics, and environmental conditions (such as wind shooting).

Where are the we?

A:  Woodland, NC .

Local matches are held at Pleasant Hill, NC and Ennice, NC. Our excellent courses conver many different challenges such as open and wooded terrain, and  elevated and depressed targets.

We attract members from as far away as Maryland and Tennessee. Our regional two day matches can draw shooters from anywhere in the USA due to our proximity to the Richmond and Charlotte airports.

Information on travel and lodging can be found here.

THAGC Monthly Match 6/13/20

The Tar Heel Airgun Club June Monthly Match will be held Saturday, June 13 at the Twin Cities Rifle and Pistol Club in Pleasant Hill, NC.  The address is: 734 Jack Swamp Rd. Pleasant Hill, NC 27866 This will be a 26 lane, 52 shot match with a state mandated maximum of...

Limited THAGC Match 5/9/20

The Tar Heel Airgun Club will hold a provisional match this Saturday at the Twin Cities Rifle and Pistol Club in PLeasant Hill, NC. The match is provisional because it'll be cancelled if there is no interest. Click the link below for registration. The address is: 734...

2020 Registration and Roster

It's time to join or renew your membership in the  the Tar Heel Airgun Club. Dues are $25 per year. We're still working a few kinks out of the website, so please plan to pay by check or Paypal to Chris Corey using Please note that the...

Join the fun!   Start by sending us a message and one of our club members will reach out to you.

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