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March 14, 2015 - Field Target Match and Fun Shoot
Regis. ID: 178D1FB892
Mount Pleasant, NC
2830 Alish Trail
Mount Pleasant NC 28124
Payment Details
Payment Method Payment by Cash at the event.
Registration Status Pending Payment
Total $10.00
Amount Paid $0
Balance Due $10.00
March 14, 2015  
9:00 am - 2:15 pmQty
Club Member Registration Fee1
Primary Registrant

THAGC Field Target

e.g., 123 Elm St.
Use the two letter code, eg, PR, CA, NC, NB
A cell phone number is preferred.
Email is our main means of communication.
Air Arms FTP900
e.g. Air Arms S500, HW 34, Beeman R9, Steyr LG100, RWS 54, etc.
8.4 jsb
Please input your rifle pellet and weight that you will be shooting, e.g., JSB 10.3, CPH 10.5, JSB 7.9, etc
Nikko 10-50x60 diamond
Please input your scope manufacturer, model and power, e.g, Leupold Comp 35, Hawke Sidewinder 3-12, Sightron Siii 10-50, etc.
Select either PCP or piston.
e.g. none, FWB P30, FX Ranchero, etc. (N/A if you are not competing in pistol comp).
(check this only if shooter is sixteen or less)
I agree
Please acknowledge that you will comply with safety rules and follow the directions of the range/safety officer.
I agree
Please agree to sign the waiver of liability at the event.