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September 14, 2013 North Carolina Field Target Championships

On 9/14/2013 the Tar Heel Air Gun Club hosted the first annual NC Field Target Championships.   Beautiful weather in Mount Pleasant  welcomed 21 shooters coming from all across North Carolina as well as a contingent of shooters from West Virginia.  Chris Berry designed a 15 lane course with 30 targets placed with a Troyer Scale number of 31.2 which is at the lower end of the hard range (without any further adjustment for the winds which were at times impacting the shots).

The day started with sighting in and what we called the H&N Challenge.   H&N contacted the club and provided a selection of pellets for us to test out.  We decided to have a competition to see who could get the smallest group and what the shooters had to say about the H&N pellets.     We will do a separate post on that in the near future.  Thanks to H&N for that.

We also had a swap and sell going on before the match started.   A few items changed hands and we will probably make the swap and sell a regular part of our get togethers.

Artie from Lexington Airguns set up a tent and supplied some shooters with things like targets and and shooting mats.

We also got some great prizes from Wild West Airguns who very generously offered three cash-value prizes to use for purchases on their website  as well as discount coupons to use there.

The match started at 10am after the shooters’ meeting and a group photo.   The match went off without a hitch and all the targets functioned without any protests.  At the conclusion of the match awards were presented and a hotdog lunch was served.  Some shooters had to leave then but others stayed  and shot the course some more for fun.

All in all everyone seemed to have had a great time!





NC Field Target State Championships
Mount Pleasant, NC
Lanes 15
Targets 30
Shots 60
Hunter PCP Name Rifle Scope Score
1 Chris Berry Steyr LG110 Hawke 49
2 Bob Felton HW 100 Nikko 4-16 48
3 Tom Miller Webley Raider Center Point 39
4 Jim Berry Steyr LG100 Hawke 35
5 Roy Adkins Marauder Nikko Sterling 34
6 Bill Duranti Discovery Center Point 34
7 John Ingram AA S400 Nikko 4-16 34
8 David Clark AA 500 not given 30
9 Joe Earler AA S400 not given 27
10 Spence Allen AA S400 Hawke 25 junior 1st
11 Ben Smith Discovery Umarex 12 junior 2nd
12 Sue Smith Discovery Umarex 12 novice
Sue Tenney AA S200 Nikko 4-16 no score
Artie C. Hatsan AT44 Leapers 8-32 no score
Hunter Piston
1 Ed Canoles R9 Vortex Diamondback 43
2 Eric Geyer BAM B26 not given 19
3 Dwight Meyers RWS 34 not given 16 novice
Open PCP
1 Scott Allen Walther LG300 Leupold 40X 52
2 Gene Whitehead RAW TM1000 Hawke 30 40
3 Skip Tenney Daystate Airwolf Nikko 10-50 31
Iron Sites Len Hambleton Gamo Whisper
Raw Results
1 Scott Allen 52
2 Chris Berry 49
3 Bob Felton 48
4 Ed Canoles 43
5 Gene Whitehead 40
6 Tom Miller 39
7 Jim Berry 35
8 Roy Adkins 34
9 Bill Duranti 34
10 John Ingram 34
11 Skip Tenney 31
12 David Clark 30
13 Joe Earler 27
14 Spence Allen 25
15 Eric Geyer 19
16 Dwight Meyers 16
17 Ben Smith 12
18 Sue Smith 12
19 Sue Tenney no score
20 Artie C. no score
21 Len Hambleton no score  novice